Apartment and Environment

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Protect our planet

Excessive wasting has been noticed when consumption was not charged.
We made the decision to charge measured consumptions at real cost to make people more responsible.
Readers will be checked with the tenant on arrival and departure.
You will notice that low-consumption bulbs have replaced most of the electric bulbs of the apartment.
In rooms, even during the holiday season, the temperature can be lower than in the living room, you can thus adjust the thermostatic faucets between 2 and 3 to obtain a regulated temperature about 17 -18 degrees. To regulate at best the consumption of the boiler you will find in the corridor a thermostat allowing to settle it according to day/week hours.
The WC flush was settled to optimize the water consumption. On the bathtub a thermostatic mixer allows to save water for every shower. In the kitchen a mixer faucet allows to save water.
The West-side facade, subjected to winds and rain in our region, has double windows allowing an excellent heat and sound insulation for your holidays. Lowering the blinds still improves the insulation. The attic coverage of recently redone insulating wool, provides a significant heat insulation.
Selective sorting:
You will find in the kitchen a classic trashcan for your garbage, and a yellow refuse bag for … products. Additionally, a bottle rack allows you to carry empty bottles in the dedicated container.
Fire protection:
For your protection and to avoid fire pollution, the corridor is equipped with an active smoke detector.